Mike Stern/Bill Evans band featuring Tom Kennedy and Dave Weckl at Ronnie Scott’s

In a way I wish I started this blog much earlier, about 10 years ago. I first saw Mike Stern live in May 2002 at the Mean Fiddler, which currently doesn’t even exist, but over the years I’ve drawn inspiration from such shows that I’m only now able to share.

This time I saw the Mike Stern/Bill Evans band on Tuesday and then Thursday during their residency at Ronnie Scott’s in London. Here’s a short clip of them playing ‘Chromazone’:

Stern and Evans of course share a glorious musical past that saw them play with Miles Davis in the early 80s among other things. Interesting and stimulating for the general listener, occasions like these are even more valuable for aspiring players, myself included – apart from enjoying a gig of the highest profile, it is also a chance to get closely acquainted with some of the most original pioneers of jazz history.

Having seen Stern on numerous occasions, I can only say he’s getting better and better as years go by – natural, fluid and consistently positive, his live shows are a generous source of inspiration and positive energy.

The band he brought to London on this occasion can only be described as truly phenomenal: the ever-pulsating Dave Weckl and astonishingly impressive Tom Kennedy ensured Stern’s tour with Bill Evans will resonate around the jazz scene for a long time, or at least until they are next around!

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  1. Great blog! Keep it up man!

  2. Thanks man, as I said I wish I started it earlier, it’s good to share all things music

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